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De’ Kriollo is a Bakery and Cake shop. We aim to change the taste experience about bakery products. We serve you with tremendous variety of Bakery Products and best cakes in Nashik. We specialize in Cakes, bread, rolls, cookies, pies, pastries, and muffins prepared from premium grains.

De’ Kriollo products are available to you in main locations of Nashik. De’ Kriollo outlets have been expanded to major places in Nashik, Pune and nearby places .

Delicious Cakes are designed to make your celebrations more memorable. Cakes are available for informal occasions such as Birthdays, Anniversary’s, Baby Shower and Weddings, as well as formal occasions such as Meetings or Official celebrations.

Cakes at De’ Kriollo are made and baked by Professional Chefs. The key ingredients used in preparing Delicious cakes are all organic and healthy. Creams and others milk products used are fresh and high-quality. More's Creative

When the chefs design cakes at De’ Kriollo, they have attention to details in every aspect.Considering the taste, design, appearance and such other factors. To highlight Cakes we have designed cakes in various and all different styles. We have Ombre, Blossom, swirl, drip, sprinkle and Royale blended with different flavours.

When you consider cakes for your celebrations, you sometimes think of them with certain theme or certain flavours to emphasize your parties. De’ Kriollo gives you a large variety of cakes in exceptional flavours. The Chocolate cakes that are loved by everyone are in range of designs and blended with other flavorous ingredients. The Dark Forest cake seems like black cocoa frost and the White Forest seems to be snow white world. For the dark chocolate lovers, who love the unsweetened flavour of dark chocolate can relish Dark treasure brownie cake. There are fruit flavours which give you an instant smack of fresh fruits. The Fruit flavours include Strawberry tart, pineapple mellow, orange melon, kiwi pudding and fresh Litchi that enhance the appearance and taste of the cakes. The other flavours that includes nuts and dry fruits are sharp and accentuate the cakes.

The Royale cake is specially designed for all the Formal celebrations. They are minimally decorated and garnished to give it an official touch. The High-Quality Royale cakes will give you a classic status in your work environment.

When there are unique celebrations you need your cake to be unique too. De’ Kriollo ‘s bakers will make you a cake according to your concept and details. You get personalised cakes that are flavoured and designed according to your tastes. The interesting part is you can also relish live cakes made in front of you with fresh cream and ingredients. No compromise is done when you want your cakes in your style.